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Meet The Kids

We would like to introduce you to our Haitian children! These are the lives who are being impacted by your donations and prayers. The Love Impact is about changing lives, by loving people the way Jesus has called us to. This is not a temporary vision or one time missions trip. We will be with these children until they are grown. Our prayer is that our ministry will impact them and encourage them to, in turn, impact their country. Each of these children have gone from being orphans, who were starving and struggling to survive, to children who are loved and whose needs are met. If your heart is pulled towards a specific child, please feel free to email us so we can share how you can sponsor that child and become a source of hope in their lives. 



D.O.B. April 16, 2015

Maudenika is a  little girl struggling with life as an orphan.

She was orphaned by her mother and father as a baby.  Her aunt attempted to care for her, but was unable to meet Maudenika’s needs and gave her up to the orphanage.  Maudenika tends to be very stoic.  She struggles to smile and find joy. She often gets very angry when she is discussing her life.  We believe this had to do with the lack of affection she had prior to coming into our care.  Her early life had an immense impact on her development, especially emotionally.

She does play with the other children, but struggles to connect on a deep level.  She is often quiet and nervous.  She does enjoy school and loves to learn.  She thrives in an environment where she has one on one attention.

While she isn’t often affectionate, when she is, it is clear that she is longing for more connection.

Tickens Dorvil

D.O.B. April 29, 2016

Tickens Dorvil is a  little boy who has a very playful personality.

Tickens was born in a small town in Arcahaie.  His mother and father were unable to care for him.  His aunt tried, but lived in severe poverty and was unable to meet his needs.  She had several of her own children and realized she was unable to care for all of them.  So, Tickens was given to our orphanage.

Tickens is everybody’s friend.  He is very positive and always has a smile on his face.  He is full of energy and does not get too carried away with feelings of negativity.  He is simply a joy to be around.  He is ALWAYS in a good mood and can turn a bad day into a good one with ease.  Ticken has asthma and does require extra medical care.

While we strive to meet all of Tickens needs, he continues to be grateful and joyful regardless of his situation.  There are times where we sense his sadness as he begins to get older and understand his situation.  Yet, he smiles. 


Eva Louis

D.O.B. December 7, 2012

This is Eva Louise. She comes from a family of 6 children.  Her mother lived in poverty and had to choose to give one of her children away, in order to care for the other 5.  She chose Eva.  Eva has been in our orphanage since

she was 4 years old.

Eva is very talented.  She has a beautiful singing voice.  She also loves to dance and is very animated.  I imagine her on Broadway, if she were living in the USA.  She is a very hard worker and loves school.  When she is not singing, dancing and putting on a show, she is VERY calm.  She is extremely easy going.  Eva loves to play with other children, although, if she is annoyed, she will kindly let them know.

It is very rare to see Eva sad or upset.  But, when she is upset, it is always because of hunger.  She struggles to deal with the feeling of hunger.

Otherwise, she is smiling and singing.

Rosalineda Celius

D.O.B. May 16, 2016

This is Rosalineda Celius.  She is a sweet, but confused, little girl.

Rosalineda’s father died before she was born.  Her mother tried to take care of her, but the poverty was too severe.  She was only one year

when her mother gave her up.

Rosalineda is very attached to her school.  She has found a connection there. But, she is not often seen looking happy.  Many times she looks sad and struggles to find joy.  She is extremely shy and does not communicate often.  But, there is a sweetness and tenderness to her.

She struggles with hunger, and like many of the other children, it causes sadness in her.  Rosalineda is not cheerful, like the other children.  She is well behaved, but does not smile much.  She is still young and doesn’t fully understand her situation.  It’s heartbreaking to watch her try to understand why she has no family and why she can’t eat until her belly is full.


Davidson Dorvil

D.O.B. April 24, 2012

Davidson is so sweet, but often sad.

Davidson was orphaned, as an infant, by his parents. He was taken in by his grandmother, but his childhood was very unhappy and he suffered greatly. His grandmother gave him to our orphanage when he was 4 years old.

Davidson tends to be very negative. He struggles to face the suffering of poverty and he very rarely smiles, although, he has a lot of energy.

While Davidson seems to lean more towards a pessimistic outlook, we recognize that is because of the difficult childhood he faced. Since being in the orphanage, we have found that he is beginning to open up and search for positivity.

He still struggles with anger, but is beginning to learn how to control his emotions better. We are striving to give him the love and affection he did not receive as an infant.

Evanica Jean

D.O.B. July 27th, 2012

This is Evanica Jean.  Evanica comes from a very poor family. Her mother and father died when she was 3 months old, so her grandmother was attempting to care for her.  But due to poverty, she was unable to meet Evanica’s basic needs.

Evanica is a very positive little girl.  She absolutely loves school and being around other children.  While she does enjoy those things, she herself is very calm and quiet.  She’s very well behaved.

She loves to be around other children, but does not like when things get too loud. She enjoy peace and quiet.  She doesn’t talk much, but communicated well when she is struggling.  Her most difficult struggle is her inability to have all of her needs met, especially hunger.

Evanica is very easy to get along with and loves to learn.  We believe the more we work with her, the more she will open up and begin to communicate better.


Blandina Jean

D.O.B. November 5, 2013

This is Blandina Jean.  Blandina comes from a family of 5 children.  Her mother and father had to make a decisions to give a child away, due to their severe poverty.  They chose Blandina.

Blandina is a very happy little girl.  Most of the time she is calm, but LOVES to ask questions.  She is very curious and wants to understand everything.  She loves to talk and communicate with anyone that will listen.

Blandina is happiest when around other children.  She is a little social butterfly.  

She loves to dance, sing and start conversations.

She is most sad when other kids aren’t being kind to her.  How she is treated affects her mood greatly.  She struggles with hunger and on days where there is not food, she is much more irritable and wants to be alone.  Even in the hardest of times, she is a very well behaved little girl.

Dieubelson Cadet

D.O.B. June 13, 2014

Meet Dieubelson Cadet.  He is full of spunk.

His parents abandoned him and he was found in the streets.  Our orphanage has no contact with his biological parents.

They were nowhere to be found, when searched for.
He is a VERY positive little boy who is always smiling and laughing.  He does a great job at adjusting to his surroundings.  He very quickly adapts to people and places.  He LOVES learning and is very well behaved.

It is not often that he shows sadness.  But, when he does, it is due to not having enough food.  He struggles to handle the emotion that being hungry causes him. Food is very limited, and the lack of food causes him to feel sad.

While life is difficult for Cadet, he is not one to hold grudges or dwell on

bad situations.  He is usually able to work through things quickly and return back to his jovial self.


Bedeline Placide

D.O.B. November 7, 2013

Bedeline Placide is very shy.  Once she opens up, she is a very sweet girl.

Bedeline came from a family of 4 children.  Her family lived in extreme poverty. When brought to the orphanage, at the age of 1,

she was suffering from severe starvation.

She loves to sing and you can hear her praying all throughout the day.

She is a very happy little girl (who does not like to have her picture taken) and loves to be around other children.  She does not like others to get too close to her. She prefers to be in control of when and how affection is shown to her.

She can actually be quite goofy once she feels comfortable with someone.  While it takes her time to warm up, once she does, she is such a blessing to be around.

The only time we really see Bedeline sad is when she has a need that cannot be met, especially hunger. 


Berverlie Louis

D.O.B. November 14, 2013

This is Bervelie Louis.  She is exactly what you would imagine a little girl to be...  sweet, hopeful and open hearted.

Bervelie had a mother and father, but their poverty was so severe, they could not care for her.  She was starving and would have died if she did not come to the orphanage.  She is very positive.   She LOVES being with other kids.   She’s very social and takes any opportunity she can to make friends.  You can often hear her singing in the orphanage, while she dances around the room.

Bervelie is a little girl who is optimistic.  She has a very sweet disposition, but she struggles to emotionally accept the hunger she faces.  We only truly see her sad when she doesn’t have food or drink.  It causes her to be very emotional and confused.

Joude Vil

D.O.B. May 18, 2016

This is Joude Vil.  When Joude was 2, his father died.  His mother and father were extremely poor.  Once his father passed away, his mother could no longer care for him.  She chose to leave him in the care of the orphanage.

Joude is a child who does not communicate.  He is extremely shy and does not show interest in conversing.  We’ve struggled to get him to smile, as he is often sad.  It’s clear that he has a lot going on in that little mind of his.  We are prayerful our love will bring him out of his shell a bit.  He is one of the children whose difficulty in life is often written on his face.

Joude does enjoy school.  He likes being around the other children.  Joude is very well behaved.  He does get upset when he is hungry and unable to eat.  He also does not like being annoyed by the other children.

We believe there’s a world changer within this little boy.  He’s feisty, a little bit onery and a whole 'lotta' cute.


Bervensky Paulinis

D.O.B. August 31, 2015

This is Bervensky Paulinis.  He is one of the cutest little boys with so much smile and spunk! Bervensky came from a family of 5 children. His family struggled with severe poverty.  His parents were unable to give him what was needed to survive.  They had to choose to give a child away, and they chose Bervensky.  He was abandoned at the orphanage when he was 1 year old.

Bervensky is an extremely happy little boy.  He is always up for a good time and LOVES being at school with his friends.  He really like to draw and you will often hear him singing.  He also loves to work in teams.

Bervensky is a very well behaved little boy who is easy to get along with.  Although, hunger is a struggle, he often is smiling, even in the midst of suffering.  He is still little, so he doesn’t fully understand the struggle that he faces, but even when he gets a small glimpse, he remains hopeful.

Adelouna Dorvil

D.O.B. November 3, 2013

This is Adelouna Dorvil. She has such a sweet disposition.

Her mother died soon after giving birth to her.  Her grandmother then tried to take care of her, but she was too poor to provide what Adelouna needed.  When her grandmother realized Adelouna was at risk for starvation, she brought her to the orphanage hoping we would be able to help meet her needs.  Adelouna has been at the orphanage since she was 2 years old.

Adelouna is an extremely happy little girl.  She is always very optimistic. Emotionally, she is extremely strong.  She’s absolutely a fighter and has the determination to press through whatever struggles she is facing.

She is very well behaved.  She absolutely LOVES TO DRAW and do anything creative.  They don’t have art supplies, other than a few small things, but she finds ways to be creative.  She also loves to play games with the other kids.


Roodline Vil

D.O.B. April 11, 2012

Roodline Vil is a little girl who has struggled immensely.  Prior to coming into our orphanage, Roodline lived with her mother and many siblings.  They lived in extreme poverty and were suffering.  Her mother felt she needed to lessen the number of mouths to feed, so she chose to give Roodline away. 

Roodline tends to have a personality that is pessimistic, yet she is very sweet.  We don’t often see her smile, although she is very well behaved.  She does enjoy being around other children, but is often very quiet and not playful.  She gets angry easily, as the adjustment of her mother not keeping her is difficult.

We are continuing to work with Roodline in helping her find joy.  The longer she is with us, the more she is opening up and finding hope.  She is smiling more than she did when we first took her in.  So, while her progress is slow, she is growing and becoming a child whose previous suffering is not all she knows.  She is now beginning to feel optimistic as she sees her life turning around. 


Senglish Paul

D.O.B. December 9, 2016

Senglish is a very cute little girl with lots of energy. 

Senglish lived with her mother as an infant, but they lived in severe poverty.  She had several siblings.  Her mother was unable to feed her and meet all of the children’s needs, so she chose to give up Senglish.  Senglish was brought to the orphanage in hopes that she would survive the effects of poverty. 

We do not see her smile very much.  She was brought to the orphanage a little later in her life, so it has been a difficult adjustment for her. 

While she is well behaved, she is not playful and doesn’t interact much with the other children. She listens well and learns easily, but struggles to control her sadness. 

She does enjoy school and loves to learn.  She works well with other children, when learning new things.

Jackson Tineus

D.O.B. August 11, 2012

Meet Jackson Tineus.  He is full of joy!

Jackson Tineus was the oldest of 3 children.  His father died and his mother lived in extreme poverty.  She was unable to feed all 3 children, so she chose to give Jackson away.  It was difficult for Jackson to leave his family.

Jackson is is a very happy young boy and grows attached to his peers very quickly.  He is very charismatic and personable.  He LOVES to sing and pray.

Jackson is a very emotionally strong young man.  He is most bothered if other children are not kind to him.  That affects him greatly.

He is a leader and often takes charge when in groups.  The other kids easily follow him, as he is fun loving and very charismatic.

As with all the kids in the orphanage, hunger is a struggle.  Jackson smiles, even when hungry, but often expresses his need for more food. 


Inyouvika Paul

D.O.B. March 5, 2011

Inyouvika Paul is a 10 year old little girl.  She lived with her father, mother and several siblings before coming into our care.  Her family was extremely poor and struggling to survive.  Her parents knew that less children meant less mouths to feed.  They chose to give up Inyouvika. 

In spite of all the emotions that come with being abandoned at her age, Inyouvika still smiles.  She is full of energy and is very talkative. 

It has been very clear to us, the longer she is in our care, that she is a very driven young lady.  Her situation, while very sad, has never defined her joy. 

There are times where she is angry.  She struggles with poverty and its effects on her life.  She's seen more pain than most grown adults, and her emotionally response to that pain is anger. 

She used to just visit the orphanage, but is very happy it is now her home.  We've seen a big change in her personality since living in a much healthier environment. 

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