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In 2019, the Lord led Stephanie Slaybaugh, president of Slaybaugh Ministries, to a man named Guy Malieme Dezil. He was running an orphanage in Arcahaie, Haiti. He had used all he had to help care for these kids and was on the verge of having to give up on his vision. He struggled to meet the needs of his own family, at times, in order to take care of the children. When Slaybaugh Ministries connected with Guy, the Lord spoke very clearly that they were to take on this orphanage and "raise" these children. 

The vision was big and it seemed impossible. But, every step of the way, God has proven himself faithful. There are 17 children in the orphanage who are all now being cared for under the love and guidance of Slaybaugh Ministries. Since being led by this ministry, the children have moved from a rented home to an owned home. They left the town of Arcahaie and are now in Petionville; which is a much safer area with more opportunity. They are no longer facing starvation and are being fed three healthy meals a day. They are loved for, taken care of, and being raised to know Christ and their purpose according to His will. NONE of this is possible without monthly donors who continue to stand with the vision and love these children through

Slaybaugh Ministries. 

The cost to feed every orphan, three healthy meals a day, is $600.00 per week. All of that food is purchased using donations given to our ministry. The monthly cost of food is $2,400.00


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When we are not in Haiti, we FaceTime with the kids several times a week. Some of these calls are to do Bible studies and pray. Others are for simply saying "hello" and letting the kids know they are loved.


When we first met these children, it was difficult to see joy. They were suffering in so many ways. Since being under the care of Slaybaugh Ministries and  "The Love Impact" division, they have so much joy. They are playing, laughing, and no longer fearful of not being able to eat or survive. Your donations are changing their lives in every way.


We are firm believers in the power of music. We are working hard to make sure that music is a big part of the children's upbringing. They learn songs in English and often teach us songs in Creole. They all love to dance!


The kids all go to school, which is made possible by donations to our ministry. Education is not free in Haiti. We also work very hard to make sure they are learning God's word. They have daily Bible studies as part of their education.